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Here at HHH Kennels we have admired and cherished the German Shepherd for years. We are located on 10 acres in beautiful Historic Chickamauga, Georgia. Our goal is to produce the best German Shepherds possible. Shepherds with sound temperaments and excellent working abilities are why we use the finest Czech and East German (DDR) lines.  We chose the Czech and DDR lines because of their sound temperaments, nerves of steel and excellent drives. They are "The all around working dogs." These dogs can take care of business one minute and turn around and lick a child on the hand the next. We don't believe in having or breeding aggressive dogs. We feel it's important that our dogs provide individuals with that needed extra security in their lives. We take the natural drives of the dog and harness what's inherited. By harnessing their inherited abilities you get dogs capable of anything from being the family pet to the best police K-9 possible. All of our dogs on the grounds are personally owned, cared for, and trained by us.


We specialize in training law enforcement "Green Dogs" but can train any situation from basic obedience, single purpose narcotics, duel patrol, or even dogs for personal protection. With 20 years combined (K-9 & patrol) experiences in law enforcement we know what it takes to get the job done and done right.